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Aug. 1st, 2008

03:08 am - My life...

...has been poop.

First, my car died. My mom called today and said it's fixed. IDK. She said they are trying to get the AC fixed too, which would kick ass. It actually died on the way back from the Trini birthday bash. I sat on the side of I-35 for almost an hour until my dad came. Awesome. I guess it's a good thing I left early.

There's a semi-dramatic story with the boy but I don't want to go into it right now. I'm more tired than I thought.

Jun. 30th, 2008

12:48 pm - I might need thur-apee

Here lately I have found that I have these mood swings. It's like one day I feel so good and have a great day then the next I will feel like utter poop. I also have the mood swings on the same day sometimes too. I don't know if it's just me being dramatic or if I really might be depressed.

I don't think I am fully depressed like those people on the commercials who can't get out bed and who don't work and who sit around in their pajamas all day, but those three things don't sound that bad.

Some of it has to do with weddings. I have three weddings this year and at least one next year. They are all people my age, some really close friends. It's just weird. I don't like being at the age where I have to attend weddings. I prefer the birthday keggers or end of school keggers or just a regular old kegger. These weddings depress me. I am not saying that I am not happy for my friends. I'm so happy they found the person of their dreams and are making the commitment to get married. It just reminds me that I haven't found anyone and am still alone after 24 years.

Plus I feel fat. I really splurged this past week and it showed on the scale today. No bueno.

I just have all these pent up things, emotions, feelings, anger, happiness and I think it's taking its toll. I need a paid vacation.

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Jun. 13th, 2008

10:43 am - I wish, part deux

I wish...

...that I didn't make drunken emo posts!

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01:10 am - I wish...

I wish...

...that I saw what everyone tells me they see when they look at me. When I look in the mirror, I see a big old heifer, pretty much the same person I saw a year ago. The same person.

I wish...

...I had the perfect life or even a semi-perfect life.

I wish...

...I appreciated the life I do have, one where I answer to myself and I do what I want.

I wish...

...I had the power to instantly change my emotions and get over things...and people.

I wish...

...I didn't have to get up in the morning.

I wish...

...texts didn't make me happy.

Jun. 12th, 2008

02:25 am - Oni Con

Let's go.


I want to go to Oni Con in October or whenever it is in Houston.

I want to go as Doctor Girlfriend and be fierce and have fun.

I don't care who all goes. Everyone is invited. This is the official invitation to everyone. *note it*

Jun. 9th, 2008

05:52 pm - A second hand emotion...

I did it.

I am officially Kate Moss.

Apparently, I am doing coke.

Yes, so I go to Lou's the other night to meet some friends from work. My friend Dustin's roommate and ex-coworker, JJ, is there. I've known JJ for jeez like three years now maybe. Anyway, while me, Dustin and Jeff are at the bar, JJ starts talking to my friend Erin and her husband [Steven] and another friend [John] and his girlfriend [Maggy] about how Jeff has been acting weird lately or something about how he isn't as nice as he used to be and JJ said it is because Jeff is doing coke.

Then John said, "I noticed Mikey has lost a lot of weight." And JJ tells him it's because Jeff and I are doing a lot of coke and that's how I lost weight and why Jeff isn't "as nice as he used to be."

Erin and Steven were pissed because they know us. They invited us to their wedding. They know us better than that. So, of course, Erin comes and tells us. Steven is ready to get into a fight over it. Jeff gets pissed and goes to sit at another table. I thought it was actually kind of funny. It was entertaining to me. Trust me, if I was doing coke I would be a lot skinnier and wouldn't eat as much as I do and would be a lot poorer...how I could be poorer I don't know, but I would be.

So, yes, my friends, I am a cokehead. =)

Other than that occasion my life has been pretty boring.

OH FUCK...I got a ticket today, damnit. My inspection is out and I got a ticket in Dallas, of course, and it's like 321 mother-fucking dollars! It was fate that I was getting a ticket today.

First, I missed the original turn I was going to take.

Second, I didn't turn on the yellow light like I was going to.

Third, I had the chance to turn and didn't take it.

Then that cop came and saw my inspection and pulled my ass over. Gah.

Can I borrow $321 aka have and not pay back. Thanks.


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Jun. 4th, 2008

12:14 pm - This Friday...

I am going to be a good ex-roommate. I told John I would go to his show this Friday so all of you should come with me. BUT I do know it's Lauren's birthday, so if there are plans let me know. I do have to work that night but I shouldn't be there really late. I'm just to-go.

Okay, but, yeah, if you can go, Fishboy or someone is playing at Rubber Gloves Friday night.

A-Kon was a blast. We decided to put it on the same par at the Year of Oscar A-Kon. It was a lot of fun. Random conversations. Video diaries. Drinking. FREE drinks. The return of the X-Men. More drinking. Pizza at 2 a.m. And if I learned one thing, I learned I look damn good in a black wig with Daisy Duke shorts.

Well, that's all.

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May. 28th, 2008

01:02 pm - "[I] ain't nothing but a big ole heifa..." (Who knows where this quote is from?)

Well, I'm not really a heifer, but I'm so full right now. I walked to Subway from Page Parkes and got a sub...only a six inch...I had to fight the temptation to get the $5 foot long. I didn't eat my yogurt because this ghetto Subway didn't have any spoons. So, I decided to walk over to Eatzi's, which is this AMAZING market/deli/bakery/WONDERFUL place (It totally reminded me of Harrod's in London) and I got this Southwest Shrimp Cilantro pasta salad. It was so good. I'm sure it's terrible for me, but I figured shrimp, black beans and corn are good for me so they cancel out whatever calorie-ridden sauce is in it...right? I think so. =) I also got this Naked fruit juice that is supposed to boost my immune system.

I think I've come done with the HIV so I need to boost this immune system. I keep coughing and my throat is itchy...boo. But I'm taking my meds and drinking green tea and sucking on more cough drops than I don't know what. It's pretty awesome.

So...there really isn't much going on in my world.

I went to this party on Monday night that my friend threw. She used to work at Carino's and she and her roommate are moving out of their apartment. They had a keg, trash can punch and the strongest Jello shots in the history of the world. They were made with Everclear! They meant business. It was a pretty small party actually, so we didn't run out of anything and I had a good time, probably too good of a time, but fun nonetheless. Unfortunately, there were not any boys there worth seducing, besides The Boy, but he's a hot mess and he's not ready for this jelly. (P.S., I decided to be a supportive friend and support him in his decision to pursue the poontang. So far, I have my good days and then I have my bad days where it pisses me off at the bar and I go home) Well, I was a whore with a new boy at work, Adrian. Harmless drunk flirting is fun and it's the closest thing to action that I get so I do it when I can.

God, I feel like a beached whale. I should avoid food at all costs.

I think I am at that point where my body is like, "I'm tired of losing weight." Because I have been extra hardcore here lately and I won't get below 170. I just keep going back and forth between 170 and like 176. Maybe this is the weight I am supposed to be. I think I'd be fine with that size but I need to work out and really tone and reshape my body because that needs a lot of work. I keep saying that I need to work out and yet I never actually do it. I'm too lazy right now.

I feel like I never sleep and even when I do I still feel like I need more sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. last night. I was very proud of myself. Then I got woken up by The Boy's text at 12:30 a.m. pretty much just to chat. His new billing cycle started so now he has unlimited night and weekend minutes and was excited about it I guess. I don't know. It was a weird and random text. I was slightly mad because it woke me up but I secretly was excited that he texted me. I hate that I can't just let go.

Akon this weekend?! I'm excited. I don't even really like Anime, but it's just a fun excuse to stay up late, drink, talk to random people and feel young and actually sexy...it's not hard to be the hottest person at an Anime convention. Trust. I think Jubilee is making her third appearance.

I went to friend Erin's wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful but depressing at the same time. I feel like for all future weddings I'm going to need a steady supply of vodka and Prozac. BUT I caught the garter...actually the groom threw the garter, the sea of men parted and the garter fell the ground. They all stood there like idiots, me, drunk on Chardonnay, ran and grabbed it and screamed and yelled. The DJ, like a douche, said, "He screams like a girl."

So, I put the garter on and proceeded to leave the dance floor, but there was more. I didn't know that I had to then put the garter on the woman who caught the bouquet. It was Erin's aunt, a foxy little cougar. He started the music and I did a sexy little dance/almost lap dance up to her and then got down on my knees and put the garter halfway on her foot and then ripped it off and put half way on and ripped it off...I teased her...and then put it all the way up. I think I felt panties, but I hope not because that would be a little too too much, but it was fun and she loved it. Later her husband came up and gave me the garter back and I wore it the rest of the night!

Well, my darlings, I should actually get back to work. I am here to work after all.

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May. 23rd, 2008

02:53 am

I must learn to stop drunk texting. It's my downfall.

May. 15th, 2008

02:01 pm - I'm the worst intern ever...

Seriously. I hate working. Ok, I don't hate working, but I hate working on tedious, boring assignments like creating a client list. The old client list has like 200-something pages that I have to retype. Super-awesome-fun, huh? I made a valiant effort to do a lot this morning, but now post-lunch I'm done working. It's boring and I'd rather be doing anything else. Anything.

Take this UNT *flip off entire school* I PASSED SPANISH! Oh snap! I just need one more semester of that mother-fucking-bullshit class and I'm done with my foreign language and then espanol will never be uttered on these lips again. I'm pretty sure it was a pity pass because I stopped going the last two weeks and barely studied for the final. Oh well. I will take that shit!

I am currently obsessed with watching videos of Dame Shirley Bassey on YouTube. I listened to some of her new CD at Barnes&Noble and thought, "Hmm...this could be good," but it wasn't until I watched some of her stuff online that I decided I want to carry her babies. I knew her before because she did the theme songs to "Diamonds are Forever," "Goldfinger" and "Moonraker" but on her new CD she covers Pink's "Get This Party Started." It's so campy and different from Pink's version. I *heart* it. It's my new MySpace song.

Ok, so the other night the boy and I got back to his house from the bars and we walked passed the rosebush in his yard and he picked one and said, "Here, I picked this for you." Now what do I do with that situation? What is that supposed to mean? To me it's straight up, "Here take this flower. I want you to have my babies." But it could have just been some random thing that he did to be funny...you know? Like when you say or do something flirtatious just to be flirtatious? I don't know, but whatever it was it made me swoon and I totally kept it. Punch me. Just punch me now or better yet push me down a flight of stairs and put me out of my misery. If I survive just institutionalize me somewhere on the east coast.

Pat Benatar tomorrow night at the Wildflower Festival! Whoot Whoot!

I guess I better get back to "work."

[edit] OH! So, I almost got arrested last night for murdering my roommate. Okay, so I'm bad at going to bed early when I'm supposed to. I'm like a kid. I don't want to. I'm scared I'll miss something, but I went to bed about 11 p.m. since I had to get up at 7 a.m. I couldn't fall asleep but I laid there and finally feel asleep about 12:30 a.m. That roommate of mine calls me at 12:47 a.m. to ask me if it was okay for his friend to borrow the vacuum cleaner and if I would get up and put it on the porch so she could come pick it up?


THEN I do it and go back to bed...get comfortable...and my phone rings again. It's him. She doesn't need it anymore. Will I get up and put it back in the apartment?

Do you understand my murderous tendencies?

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