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I'm Peachy Keen

20 March
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I'm not very good at journals. I tend to be too long winded and so I write way too much and I know no one wants to read all of it. But, oh well.
9 to 5, all about eve, america's next top model, angela lansbury, ann miller, ann sothern, annie lennox, aretha franklin, autographs, award shows, bernadette peters, bette davis, bette midler, betty garrett, betty grable, betty white, big business, blondie, bob schneider, boogie nights, bowling for columbine, brandon boyd, chaka khan, cher, chicago, chris carrabba, cloris leachman, coffee shops, concerts, cristina aguilera, dashboard confessional, deep ellum, denton, designing women, documentaries, dolly parton, dolores gray, don vito, donna summer, doris day, driving miss daisy, esther williams, etta james, feature writing, fried green tomatoes, friends, goldie hawn, gypsy, heath ledger, i love lucy, incubus, inuyasha, john j., joseph gordon-levitt, journalism, jude law, julie newmar, katharine hepburn, kim cattrall, lauren bacall, live bands, lucille ball, macaroni and cheese, madonna, magazines, marina sirtis, martina mcbride, media, megan mullally, movies, music, napoleon dynamite, new fine arts, newspapers, nicole ritchie, orlando bloom, paradise lost, paris hilton, peggy lee, pillow talk, qt's crushed ice, road rules, road trips, robbie williams, rock hudson, rosalind russell, sarah jessica parker, sean hayes, sela ward, sex and the city, short stories, sleeping, sleeping beauty, steel magnolias, steve nash, straight talk, survivor, the apprentice, the banger sisters, the blakes, the eurythmics, the first wives club, the golden girls, the jackson 5, the polyphonic spree, the real world, the skin trade, the stepford wives, the supremes, the west memphis three, tina wesson, tlc, viva la bam, vivian vance, wild boyz, will and grace, writing, yoga